IndestructoTank! Coming to handhelds in late 2020!

IndestructoTank! GB

When Adobe kills Flash on December 31st 2020, the legendary web game will be making its way to a more viable platform - the Nintendo GameBoy!

A Classic - now in 4 Colors!

In 2007 I released a simple Flash game series that went on to have well over 50 million downloads and destroyed productivity in countless school classrooms. The latest platform to be struck by this addictive little tank will be the original GameBoy!

Faithful to the original

This isn't, however, a cut down version - everything from the original is present! Fast action, fun physics and tonnes of on screen ships - alongside a new enemy type. Also included is the Boom-Bar, a feature added to 'Indestruc2Tank!' to make the game feel even better.

Why December 31st 2020?

Adobe are pulling the plug on Flash, so I have decided to port 'IndestructoTank!' to a more viable platform!
If you'd like to discuss this with me, or just chat about the decline of Flash in general - get in touch!
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Finally on console...kinda!

Playable in emulator or web browser, but also on all GameBoy hardware! The ROM file will be available in .gb and .gba for Flash carts (how ironic!) - as well as a planned limited run of original boxed cartridges produced for collectors.

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